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Monday, October 31, 2005

4 Sons and Sons. Grand Opening

4 Sons and Sons. Grand Opening

Ok. You are, most likely, asking why. Not about the content. If some guy can have a photo-blog about everything he puts into his mouth, I can blog about the Hagadah. No, you may question the timing of such an endeavor. After all, this is Hol ha-mo’ed Sukot [Ok, actually, it’s not. I had planned on starting this blog last week, but a little thing called Hurricane Wilma interfered.] We’re in the home stretch of a big chunk of holidays. Why start worrying about the next one? Glad you asked.

One Sukot, back in college, I was invited for a meal by my high school rebbe’s sister and brother-in-law. The ba’al ha-bayit told me about a minhag that some folks have of eating matsah in the sukkah. Apparantly the basis for this custom is a
gezerah shavah in the Torah. When the Torah discussed Pesah, it uses the phrase “fifteenth day of the month.” It does the same regarding Sukkot (quite possibly because both festivals fall out on said day of the month). Hence, there is a connection between the two holidays and this minhag was somehow established. My host went on the tell me that music was avodah zarah (idol worship) and required no intellectual ability or effort (I was in music school at the time). But the real reason, I’m starting now is to get an early start. This way, we’ll have a ton of stuff by Nisan and G-d willing, some people will get some small benefit from this site.

So here are the ground rules, subject to change at any crazy whim of mine: All posts will be devoted to the topic of the Jewish holiday of
Pesah, aka Passover. Optimistic as I am at the moment, I’m hoping that well over 50% of posts will be reader submitted. I don’t want this to be like one of those sedarim where you have one lone obnoxious guy (that is to say, me) who does all of the talking. Also, it will be nice to have something superior to my Little Midrash Says-level of scholarship. Please email me your ideas and I will post them; I also plan on soliciting my favorite j-bloggers to contribute.

I’m hoping that the focus will be the Hagadah, the kind of stuff you’d say over at the seder, although I’ll take other Pesah-related divre Torah, essays, funny stories, links etc.
Halel and Birkat ha-Mazon as part of the Hagadah will also be fair game. This blog will (ideally) be non-denominational, or to be a little more pretentious, post-denominational. The audience I’m aiming at is largely the liberal Modern Orthodox realm of the blogosphere, but if all of my contributors are Reconstructionist or Haredi, then I’ll be quite happy with that. Atheist and non-religious postings are also heartily encouraged, just try to be polite to us ignorant sheep. I will, however, be drawing the line at Messianic (i.e. Christian) interpretations of the Hagadah. No offense to anyone, I hope. Anything else, we’ll just figure out as we go along.

Le-shanah ha-ba’ah bi-Yerushalayim


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