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Monday, November 07, 2005

Open and Closed Doors

There was a custom to leave the doors open during the seder so that anyone who was in need could join. Yemenite Jews kept the doors open for a different reason. In case, Mashiach would come, they could make a hasty departure to Israel. In Libya and Djerba, the exact opposite would take place. No guest were allowed on Jewish property. Several explanation have been proffered. Perhaps, this was in emulation of the karban Pesach, when only Jews could partake and one had to place reservations, so to speak, in advance. Also, Pesach was a time when people would spy on Jews and make false reports. One source claims that, in the past, so many people had taken advantage of Jewish hospitality on Pesach, that one needed to take precaution. Arabic translations from Libya of Ha lakhma render the phrase “whoever is hungry, let him come and eat" as “whoever is hungry, let him come and taste nothing”! (From here)


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I just responded to the "bananas" post. See below.

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